A Modern Twist to an Ancient Drink

Driven by a passion for the environment and the excitement of exploring an ancient and somewhat forgotten drink, Matriarch brings to you a new and innovative take on mead that actively strives to make a positive impact with every bottle you enjoy.

About us

What do we make?

Matriarch Meadery specialises in producing premium sparkling meads that epitomise the energy and vivid flavours created in Australia's unique biome. Mead is a beverage that converts sugar from honey, into a complex and delicious alcoholic drink.

Making a world-class mead isn't as simple as our ancient ancestors led us to believe. By carefully managing the fermentation and ageing process, we are able to preserve the unique characteristics of the honey, fruits and spices cultivated by beekeepers and environmentally conscious producers across Australia.


Matriarch Meadery and our social enterprise division Mission Matriarch have developed a unique array of products that  prioritise the quality and the ability to make a positive impact. With every glass you drink, you are supporting both us, the beekeepers of Australia, and the preservation of the Australian native biome. 


Browse the collection of premium meads, and with every bottle you enjoy you're driving positive change.


Actively join us in making this project a success, deploy a nesting box yourself or let us do it for you.

Mission Matriarch

Making A Change, One project at a time.

Mission Matriarch is a division dedicated to delivering initiatives that drive to deliver real positive impacts by utilising funding made available through Matriarch Meadery and leveraging the creativity and passion of Matriarch's people and partner organisations.

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