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A new take on an ancient drink, a new take on sustainable drinking…

The world is rapidly realising that the way we have previously gone about our daily lives needs to change, the way we power our homes and cars, the way we eat and the way we drink! Fossil fuels, plastics and unsustainable foods are the vices that exist in all of our daily lives – the Matriarch team included. 

The next generation of business owners now have an opportunity to do what’s right and learn from the mistakes made by those before them – this is what Matriarch Meadery strives to achieve with every aspect of its value chain. 

Honey is one of the world’s few natural sweeteners that has the ability to rejuvenate the environment in which it’s gathered, rather than unsustainably withdraw from the ecosystem. Matriarch Meadery prides itself on primarily sourcing its honey from the Matriarch apiary, and where required, sourcing honey solely from environmentally responsible Australian beekeepers. When using machinery to extract the honey from the frames we also use renewable electricity sourced from solar panels and wind turbines to run the machines with minimal environmental impact. 

The mead products are produced at a South Gippsland facility owned and run by our friends at Gurney’s Cidery, who have taken active steps towards minimising their environmental impact. This is exemplified through the construction of the largest underground cider cellar in the southern hemisphere, hugely reducing the need to actively manage temperatures required to store and age the cider and mead. 

In an effort to not only reduce the impact in producing Matriarch Meadery’s products, but also take active steps in driving positive change – Mission Matriarch was created with the singular purpose of driving bringing a creative and innovative approach to tackling some of the largest problems our community faces. 

By ensuring that we make a net positive impact across our operations, we make it possible for you to remove one of those daily vices and be a part of the new wave of sustainable drinking. 


What's involved?

Stage 1
Matriarch Meadery primarily sources its honey from its own hives managed across Melbourne and South East Gippsland. This ensures hives are managed with the health of the colony as first priority. Other ingredients included in the production of these premium meads are sourced from hand-picked local producers that value the quality of their products above all else.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Mead produced by Matriarch Meadery and in collaboration with partner businesses are fermented seasonally, making the most of South East Gippsland's cool climate to control fermentation speed using the least energy possible - minimising environmental impact and carbon footprint.
Stage 2
Stage 3
Matriarch Meadery's premium meads all utilise the methode traditionelle bottle carbonation finishing process. This style is primarily deployed in high-end Champagne production to achieve the finest bubble textures and the perfect level of carbonation.
Stage 3
Stage 4
Drink & Enjoy
For the best experience Matriarch Meadery recommends that our meads are enjoyed among family and friends, ideally in an outdoor setting where both conversation and conservation are at their best!
Stage 4

Friends of Matriarch

Our Supporters

Gurneys’ Cidery is situated in South Gippsland between the townships of Foster and Fish Creek. The Cidery has berathtaking, uninterrupted views of surrounds including Wilsons Promontory National Park. 

Gurneys Cidery has been instrumental in the inception and ongoing success of Matriarch Meadery to-date by inspring Matriarch’s founders with their passion for authentic, locally made premium products and through ongoing support in the production process.

You can find their products online here. We highly recommend each and everyone of their award winning ciders. 

Bayside Intrepid Landcare is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of a team of young people between the ages of 18-35. They organise and participate in socially and environmentally conscious activities in an effort to create cleaner environments for future generations and have fun whilst doing so!

Bayside Intrepid Landcare is an entirely youth-run initiative which seeks to involve younger generations in environmental conservation and provide them with leadership and social opportunities. They also rely on the good will and support of their local communities, and Matriarch Meadery is proud to support this organisation into the future.

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