How to Remove Scratches on an iPhone Screen An Experiment with a New Machine

Imagine a machine that can erase scratches from your iphone repair video screen. Recently, I got my hands on such a device, developed by the same company that created the laser machine for removing shattered glass from iPhones. Curious to see if it works, I decided to test it out. The machine is quite large […]

Title Examining Every Fake Apple Product A Trip Through Deceptiveness

I made a decision to start an one-of-a-kind journey by buying every phony Apple item I could discover on AliExpress. The objective was to examine these duplicates, starting from the most affordable to the most pricey, and establish which, if any kind of, were really worth the money. The outcomes were both surprising and amusing. […]

urning Broken iPhones into Profit A Day of Repairs and Sales

In an exciting venture, I decided to buy the cheapest, most broken iPhones from pawn shops, repair them, and sell them for a profit. With a keen eye for deals, I ventured into several pawn shops, seeking out heavily damaged devices that could be bought at rock-bottom prices. After a few stops, I hit the […]

Apple’s Iphone – Many Hundreds Of Iphone Applications

Gadget such as digital luggage scale is a definitely handy item for guys who travel a large number with bulky luggage. Credit cards sized torch is a again a slim and useful present. A very simple yet thoughtful gift can donrrrt USB number lock that protects info from falling into wrong hands. In order to […]

Be Gentle with Apple’s New Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max

.. Yikes! Apple has introduced titanium on their latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, a choice that brings both excitement and concerns. Titanium is renowned for its remarkable properties. It’s biocompatible, used iphone in medical applications like artificial joints and repairing bones, and it’s tough enough for building interstellar spacecraft and robotic explorers. Personally, I have […]