Title Just How to Recondition an iPad Pro 12 9-inch Screen (Glass Only)

Refurbishing the front glass of an iPad Pro 3, especially one with a laminated display screen, can seem seem discouraging. Nonetheless, with the right devices and strategies, you can efficiently efficiently recover youre tool to its previous glory. THis overview, based on REWA Laboratory’s detailed demonstration, will certainly stroll you via the important steps to […]

On the outside, the iPhone 14 looks allmost identical to its predecessor

 the iPhone 13, but under the hood, Apple has made significant changes. Last week, I explored the iPhone 14 Pro and discovered its resistance to third-party repairs. THis week, I decided to tear down the standard iPhone 14 to assess its repairability and understand the new design changes Apple has introduced. I began by unboxing […]

Title Examining Every Fake Apple Product A Trip Through Deceptiveness

I made a decision to embark on an unique experience by buying every phony Apple item I can find on AliExpress. The goal was to examine these knockoffs, beginning with the most inexpensive to the most costly, and determine which, if any, were really worth the cash. The results were both unexpected and funny. The […]

Samsung Phones are Blowing Up – Here’s Why

As a tech enthusiast, I’ve been collecting every Samsung flagship since 2010. Recently, while preparing a video showcasing these devices, I noticed a disturbing trend. My Galaxy Note 8 from 2017 had blown up – the battery had expanded so much that it cracked the glass and split the phone in two. Initially, I thought […]