How to Replace the Screen on a 2021 iPad 9 (A2609)

Hi, welcome! Simon here, and I hope you’re doing well. In this video, I’ll walk you through the process of replacing the screen on a 2021 iPad 9th generation, model A2609. As you can see, the top right corner of this iPad is cracked, and we’ll be replacing it with a new screen. ### Identifying […]

Apple Vs Samsung Customer Service Battle A Tale Of Two Repairs~2

In the high-stakes world of flagship smartphones, customer service can make or break a brand’s reputation. I decided to put Apple and Samsung to the test by intentionally damaging their most expensive devices: the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Galaxy S23. Both phones were subjected to the same amount of force, causing significant damage. […]

Title The Ultimate Showdown Fastest Android Ever vs iPhone

**Title: The Ultimate Showdown: Fastest Android Ever vs. iPhone** In the world of smartphones, the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate has emerged as a $1,400 behemoth, boasting the title of the fastest and most extreme Android phone to date. But does it have what it takes to outshine the iPhone 14 Pro Max? Let’s dive into […]

Be Gentle with Apple’s New Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max

.. Yikes! Apple has introduced titanium on their latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, a choice that brings both excitement and concerns. Titanium is renowned for its remarkable properties. It’s biocompatible, used in medical applications like artificial joints and repairing bones, and it’s tough enough for building interstellar spacecraft and robotic explorers. Personally, I have a […]