Google’s Pixel 8, Pixel Watch 2, and the AI Revolution

In a significant reveal at their recent event, Google introduced the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Watch 2, showcasing their commitment to pushing technological boundaries. This latest lineup, combined with a plethora of AI-driven features, signals a robust approach to integrating advanced software with reliable hardware. #### The New Pixels: More Than Just […]

Can the Samsung Z Flip 5 Handle the Tough Life of a Long-Term Daily Driver

For the past four years, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been my trusted companion. Equipped with a dbrand grip case, it has endured numerous falls, with one unfortunate exception – a drop onto a granite threshold that shattered the curved screen, rendering it useless. This incident left me wondering if a foldable phone like […]

urning Broken iPhones into Profit A Day of Repairs and Sales

In an exciting venture, I decided to buy the cheapest, most broken iphone iPhones from pawn shops, repair them, and sell them for a profit. With a keen eye for deals, I ventured into several pawn shops, seeking out heavily damaged devices that could be bought at rock-bottom prices. After a few stops, I hit […]

YES!! Apple AI is EPIC – ChatGPT + 25 New AI Updates

Apple recently unveiled an impressive suite of over 25 new AI tools and updates at their latest developer conference. Among the standout announcements is the integration of ChatGPT directly into Apple products. This means that iPhones, iPads, and Mac operating systems will now feature ChatGPT 4.0 capabilities, completely free of charge. Let’s dive into the […]

Be Gentle With Apple’s New Titanium IPhone 15 Pro Max … Yikes!

Apple has introduced titanium on their latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, a choice that brings both excitement and concerns. Titanium is renowned for its remarkable properties. It’s biocompatible, used in medical applications like artificial joints and repairing bones, and it’s tough enough for building interstellar spacecraft and robotic explorers. Personally, I have a ring made […]