How to Choose a Bottle for Wine Correctly – Choosing wine is not easy. This choice depends on many factors. Maybe you’re looking for a wine bottle for an event, or a gift for your boss at work, or just to enjoy before bed. Of course your purchase also depends on your budget. Plus, there are many choices of wine variants that can be purchased.

Starting from red, white, rosé or sparkling wine? What level of alcohol are you looking for? Wine from which country? What brand? How old is the wine? The many things to consider may leave you confused. Here are some things that can be used as considerations when choosing wine. But the most important thing to remember is your own taste! (Source by slot gacor hari ini )

1. Trust your own taste

This is very important, especially if you are buying wine for yourself. You can do research before buying wine, but don’t get too hung up on what people say. Trust your own tongue, because you are the one who knows exactly what you like. Do you prefer sweet or slightly tart grapes? What about tannin levels? Do you like carbonation or not? What aromas do you look for in your wine? These are the questions to answer before choosing a wine.

2. If possible, taste the wine first before buying

Some wine specialty stores let customers taste several wines before purchasing. This can help you make the right decision. When tasting wine, pay attention to the following elements:

  • Balance of taste and aroma
  • How long the taste of the wine stays in the mouth (if the taste of the wine is still there 10 minutes after drinking, it means the wine is quality)
  • How long the aroma of wine stays in the nose
  • Wine packaging and bottles

3. Consider who is the recipient of the wine

It is highly recommended to choose a wine that everyone will like. The Pinot Noir grape variety is ideal for gifts or events. Since Pinot Noir is a red wine, this bottle will be considered more sophisticated. Pinot Noir is also not too bold on the palate, so it can accommodate all tastes.

4. Ignore the myths about wine

One feature of wine that people are familiar with is that the older it is, the better it is. Many wine consumers are very fixated on the age of the wine on the bottle label. However, the fact is, only some wines will become better with time.

Basically, grapes are better consumed when they are young because their flavors are still strong on the tongue. Another misconception about wine is that the more expensive the better the quality. This is not always true. Price does not always guarantee good taste or quality! There are many bottles that are budget-friendly and still suit your taste.

5. Try wines from less popular regions

Bottles of wine produced in areas such as Napa Valley, Tuscany, and Burgundy are sought after by many people. Wines from this area are known for their quality and deliciousness. But these bottles are also very expensive. Quality wines can also be found in less popular areas. Land and labor prices in this region are cheaper than other regions.

As a result, the wine produced is more budget friendly.

Here are some of those areas:

  • Patagonia, Argentina for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Mendocino, California for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Puglia, Italy for Primitivo di Manduria
  • Columbia Valley, Washington for delicious red wines


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