Leisure activities include water sports together with swimming, crusing, windsurfing, kitesurfing and tours with the trimaran MS Brombachsee. Amongst other issues, it belonged to the Merkendorf brewery Hellein. The Merkendorf town hall is a defining a part of the market sq. in Krautstadt. A three-half relief was added in 1933 above the coat-of-arms decorated portal with the Merkendorf metropolis coat of arms. Relief above the town hall portal depicting the go to of King Maximilian I in 1506. It commemorates the go to of King Maximilian I in 1506. The king might be seen in the midst of the relief, to the left of him residents of Merkendorf pay homage and to the proper Maximilian I's entourage could be seen. Inlet of the dry valley Pappenheimer Tal, from the appropriate and southwest to less than 405 m above sea degree. Schambach, from the suitable and southwest at 346.6 m above sea stage. Supply stream, from the suitable and south to about 366 m above sea stage. A new college complicated within the south of Erlangen was constructed, which in the present day combines engineering, laptop science, inorganic chemistry and a further cafeteria in a complex, which is typical of the time. The Mandlesmühle, which is now abandoned as a result of resident, at the moment a district of Pleinfeld situated east of the big Brombachsee, is now home to the “Seenland – Water for Franconia” of the Ansbach Water Administration Workplace.

The mill constructing with the related farm had a pond and was positioned in the Brombachtal straight on the Brombach between the Birkenmühle and Langweidmühle estate, which was additionally decreased by the development of the good Brombachsee. For the construction, the residents of the towns of Hasenbruck and Fischhof had to be relocated. The city corridor at Marktplatz 1 in town of Merkendorf within the Franconian Seenland (Middle Franconia) is a construction of late Gothic. From 1993 to 1995, volunteers from a assist association and town of Weißenburg constructed the new chapel not removed from the medieval foundations in line with the plans of Professor Johannes Geisenhof. St. Gunthildis Chapel was a pilgrimage chapel from the Center Ages and is a brand new constructing, an ecumenical chapel within the district of Suffersheim, part of the city of Weißenburg in Bavaria in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Middle Franconia. Thierhof is part of the municipality of Haundorf in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district (Center Franconia, Bavaria). Mäusleinsmühle is a part of the municipality of the Pleinfeld market in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district (Center Franconia, Bavaria). Geyern Castle is a castle owned by the Geyern taverns in Geyern, part of the municipality of Bergen in the Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen district in Central Franconia. Entry for Geyern Castle within the personal database All Castles. Ramsberg appeared for the primary time as a “Ramspach” in an entry of the oldest Eichstätter Lehenbuch from 1294. There are different types of identify in the paperwork, such as “ramming pere” and the like.

You had been the ministerial of the Eichstätter Bischöfe. The good Brombachsee is round 37 kilometers as the crow flies south of Nuremberg and 13 kilometers east of Gunzenhausen. Is crossed by the main-Donau Canal in the middle run and absorbs the starters just more than a kilometer before the mouth shortly earlier than the division into the muzzle arms. Shortly earlier than the mouth, the stream took up the Altmühl-Seitengraben sturgeon ditch, which was subsequently crossed by the Weihergraben, from the proper, which as much as this approx. Walder Altmühl, from proper and northwest to about 412 m above sea stage. Wald inflow, from proper and west in the Hirschweiher, approx. West to over 363 m above sea level. After the decision in 1970 to create lakes in what is now the Franconian Lake District, the Rothsee particular function affiliation was based in 1975 and from 1978 onwards the land in the encircling communities was cleaned up. Away from the lakes, the vacation panorama provides nearly infinite meadows around Gunzenhausen, rich coniferous and mixed forests on the slopes across the Igelsbach and Brombachsee and in depth pine forests with yellow glowing gorse bushes between Brombach and Rothsee. As a result of a construction mission on the primary dam, the Rothsee was largely drained in autumn 2012 and dammed again in spring 2013.

About halfway along the lake at Roth-Birkach, the pre-dam dam, over which Birkacher Hauptstrasse runs, divides the lake into two different sized areas, the southwestern important dam and the northeastern pre-dam. The preliminary dam was constructed between 1985 and 1990, the main dam between 1985 and 1992, and the principle dam was absolutely flooded in October 1993. The pre-dam has a 500 m long and 11 m high dam. The best water depth is 15.4 m in the principle dam and 8.5 m within the preliminary dam. NN a pond on the southern edge of the Kuppenwald around the Auerbacher Spielberg to the Sachsau field. NN on the southern edge of Ornbau, approx. Since 2013, in addition to the DLRG and the Purple Cross water rescue service, the Voluntary Maritime Emergency Service (FSD) has additionally been ensuring security on the water. Property injury amounting to millions was triggered, and residents were able to get to safety in time. Monuments in Bavaria. Volume V.70/1). Georg Dehio: Handbook of German art monuments – Bavaria I – Franconia. An exception are students who come to Germany with a further scholarship from the German Educational Trade Service (DAAD). To control the inhabitants, the water level is lowered by round 5 meters every year at first of winter.

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